Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Long Break...

We decided to stay home for the first time this year over the long Chinese New Year break. We normally either balik kampung or goes for holiday and ended up joining the crowd in the massive jam on our way back to the city. This year we finally decided that we should take a break from travelling and spend quality time at home with the kids.

So, what did we do during the 4-day break?

On Saturday 13 February 2010, we went to do some marketing at Pasar Tani, Taman Melawati early in the morning and bought some fresh prawns, crabs and cockles. We had ketam masak cili Pak Ngah's style,masak lemak rebung, butter prawn, sayur taugeh kasar (Dini's favourite) and kerang rebus for lunch. Instead of 'makan' at the dining table, we decided to eat kampung style, bentang tikar sambil bersila. The kids enjoyed Ibu's cooking especially Dini and Faiz who have been eating hostel's food...kesian! Later in the evening, we all went to Jalan Tar and Pavillion to get the kid's stuff. That night, we ended up at one of the Tom Yam stall at Taman Melati for dinner...makan all the time!

Sunday, 14 February 2010 was the Chinese New Year...we wished our friends happy new year and reminded them that this is a tiger year and not a tiger woods year!! We had American breakfast with beef slices, chicken sausages, scramble eggs, saute and baked mushrooms with baked beans. Abah and Thaqif went to play football earlier in the morning.

After breakfast, the kids did their own things, did their homework, played computer games/play station and packed their stuff while the parents were busy cleaning the house and doing some gardening. We had lunch at Bukit Indah with Tok, Tok Wan and Aunty Yah's family who came to visit them. IQ attended majlis aqiqah at a neighbour's house. Immediately after lunch, we rushed to Pavillion to watch AVATAR 3D....since we have not seen the 3D version. The movie was 2.5 hours long and Thaqif doze off half way! Not much 3D anyway....Later that night, we had supper at SAS Corner, our usual lepak place just beside Petronas with McD Drive Thru at Taman Melati Utama. The burgers are nicer and so much cheaper.

Our breakfast on Monday, 15 February 2010 was Nasi Berlauk Ikan Tongkol. After several attempt, the gulai ikan tongkol was almost as good as the one we always eat at Kedai Mak Wan at Pasar Keramat except that the fish was not salty enough. After breakfast, Dini did her last minute packing and we sent her off at Greenwood around 10.30am. She went back by bus with a few other girls from MTS. We decided to have lunch outside before sending Faiz back to IQKL. We went to the Curve for the first time and was looking for a place to eat when we saw mushroom promotion at Marchie Movenpick. The concept is very interesting where you get to choose and select what you want to eat. We had roasted lamb leg, saute mushroom, fried vege, baked potatoes, roast chicken and some sausages. The food was nice and good...makan lagi! After looking around, we left for IQKL and said goodbye to Faiz. When we reached home,Pak Long and family called to say that they are on their way to our house to drop our favourite Puding Di Raja. After they left, we started to do our "filing" project. There were just too many papers, documents,certificates,receipts that we have been keeping waiting to be filed and we sorted all the documents until after midnight.

The last day of our break, Tuesday 16 February 2010, Thaqif and Abah played football again in the nearby school field early in the morning while Ibu prepared breakfast. We had pulut, ikan kering and sambal tumis ikan bilis for breakfast. That was yummy....but just the 3 of us!! Ibu later rushed to the Specialist Hospital Al-Islam for her ENT appointment. The three of us had lunch at Bukit Indah again but this time with Pak Long and family. After lunch, we brought Pak Long and family to IKEA and had dinner at Rasta, TTDI. Later that night, Ibu as usual went for her last tilawah class at UIA and she will sit for her exam this saturday!

That was how we spent our long break. Managed to get a lot of things done and at the same time enjoyed quality time with the kids.

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