Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Ibu...

Ibu celebrated her birthday a week after Tok Wan. Although there was no birthday party, we knew she enjoyed the day. Abah gave her a lovely card with a very special note that brought tears to her eyes. Later that day, she received a bouquet of 24 roses and 3 lilys from Abah delivered to her office.It's very rare for Abah to buy flowers for Ibu. Since she was working that day, she went out for lunch with her two colleagues who shared the same birthday with her at the Loaf, Pavillion.

That night, Bibik cooked a very special dinner for us, Nasi Kuning with daging dendeng, acar, sambal ikan bilis tempe and fried egg nicely presented. It's the indonesian way of celebrating birthday. Since Faiz was in school, Ibu waited patiently for him to call but to her dissapointment, Abang did not. He finally called Ibu two days later.

Later the week, Abah took us out for dinner at Kampachi, Equitorial to celebrate Ibu's birthday. We truly enjoyed the food, beef teppanyaki, udon, edamame, california rolls, saba fish, tempura dan a several other dishes. The food and service were excellent. After the dinner on our way out we saw about 20 ferari parked outside the hotel, mostly red. We found out later that the Ferari's Owners' Club were having their gathering there, majority were with Singaporean plate numbers. We did not waste the opportunity and captured some photos with the cars. Later that night Ibu spent her time responding to trails of e-mails and facebook messages from her friends. That's when the celebration ended.

There's so much to love about you, Ibu. One of the nicest things is the way you show your love to the people who are important to you. Just knowing that you're always there really means a lot, and always will. We love you, Ibu.


Uncle said...

Happy Birthday IBU!!!!!

DadaIQ said...

Thanks Uncle :-)

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