Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Long Weekend Break!

Since we love long distance driving regardless the destination, we always eye on the long weekends in the calendar. Last weekend, we took leave on Friday and plus the Labour Day on Tuesday, we had a super long weekend to go back home to Kuala Krai. We started our journey around 8.30pm on Thursday after work. Abah was already on medical leave since he was not feeling well that week so he had enough rest before we start our night journey.

The whole journey was smooth since there were not many cars travelling at night except for lorries and buses. We stopped at Bayu Lenang, an R&R before reaching Gua Musang for solat and finally reached Kuala Krai almost 2pm. Dini was already there waiting for us.

The next day, after having breakfast we sent Dini for her Chemistry tuition at SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 2 (SYP2). This year she utilises her monthly break to have extra tuitions on her "weak" subjects such as Add Maths, Physics and Chemistry. She was lucky to have this young lady teacher to teach her. She taught her for 3 hours for 2 days and refuse to accept any payment. Although she suffered from cervical cancer, she was in high spirit and was so enthusiatic. We were so touched with her determination to fight her illness and to continue living normally. May Allah swt reward her for all her good deeds and grant her long life and prosperity.

While she was having her tuition, Ibu, Abah and Adik made a brief trip to Pengkalan Kubor. It was quite a journey from Kuala Krai which took almost 2 hours. We went there to look for some culinary stuff for That Little Gerai. The duty free area offers a lot of stuff from clothes to kitchen wares. Adik took the chance to visit his favourite store to buy the new Kelantan Happy Jersey. We rushed home and arrived just in time for the Royal Wedding ceremony and stuck in front of the tv until maghrib. That night, everyone had dinner outside except for Ibu who was stuck at home for her regular massage.

The next day, saturday morning we had our routine visit to Pasar Pagi to buy our stocks and rations after we sent Dini for her tuition class. We have been visiting the market everytime we were in Kuala Krai for the last 17 years! The dried stuff are different from KL and the prices are cheaper. The fresh veges are in abundance and came all the way from Thailand. A huge cabbage is only RM3 and the cauliflower is around RM4. The siamese ladies selling the veges are so generous and will always give you extras. After we had our lunch and solat jama', we were off to KB.

Our first stop was at Kg Dewan Besar, Labok to visit a new member to the family, Mohamad Irfan Haziq. We wrote a posting before on his parents wedding. The next stop was to visit another cute baby, Mohamed Shaamel Adha in KB. The family was expecting us since they knew are coming back. So, we were lucky to be served with Meehoon Sup and Nasi Dagang. Alhamdulillah. Then, we were off to town to Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV for the match between Kelantan Vs Kuala Lumpur. This is Adik's first experience to watch the match with the rest of the Red Warriors including Abah and Pak Su. As for us, we just wondering around KB town shopping and eating while waiting for the match to end. It was such a long day for us and all of us doze off on the way back to Kuala Krai.

The next day, we just relax at home and after sending Dini back to MTS after lunch, we started our journey back to KL. The traffic was clear and smooth alhamdulillah.

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