Monday, May 23, 2011

That Little Gerai @ Gerai Kecil Itu

That Little Gerai (TLG) is the latest and hottest Western food joint in Klang is actually a little gerai in Taman Permata, Ulu Klang where New York dining experience (the food) is brought to the streets of Kuala Lumpur...and made available by US trained Malaysian chef , sold in Ringgit rather than US Dollar.

TLG is located in Taman Permata, Ulu Klang. If you're from Ampang on the MRR II, turn left to Taman Permata at the Melawati junction or turn right if you're from Gombak / Batu Caves. Once you're in Taman Permata (you can see Giant on your right), drive straight ahead (say 150m) until you see a junction to the right...take that route and you'll see Syed Bistro 50 m down the road on the right hand side and TLG is just a few meters away....tucked nicely at the corner of Thira Tomyam. Yes.....the place used to sell tomyam food but of late, the whole place is taken over by TLG operations....TLG is slowly becoming TNSLG (That Not So Little Gerai) and probably then on to TBLG (That Big Little Gerai)!!! Anyway, if you couldn't find it ......use the GPS or just ask!!

TLG serves excellent tasting, affordable and halal western food and the best part is that you can ask the chef to cook anything you fancy, but you'll have to bring the ingredient or you negotiate with him in advance....where to find like this!!! The chefs also love to interact with the you can talk to him or discuss about food....people kind of like that. Offers on the menu include rib eye or sirloin steak, lamb chops, grilled chicken or chic chop, burgers, pasta, lasagna, salmon, dory, salad....or even nasi goreng is available. The mashed potato is probably the best in town and the sauces are thick and tasty...yummy!! So its perfect for everyone, young or old, big or small, loaded or the very relaxing ambience (no particular dress code required...but don't come naked!).

TLG is opened every night except Monday night, normally after Maghrib and it goes on until everything is finished (can be as early as 10 PM) or as late as 2 AM. To maintain the quality of food, the chefs would normally do their own shopping after the gerai is closed for the night. Sometimes there is low turnout but most of the time the place is full of it it best that we come early or do a booking by calling the chef. Its a bit of a squeeze if it rains but we're sure the chef will think of something to make the customers happy. In addition, the place has a flat screen TV with the joint is normally full when there is LIVE football. The chefs are both inclined to Liverpool FC....but they welcome all LFC supporters and non supporters...even if you're MU's fan or Chelsea's fan or Arsenal's fan.....the chefs will still serve good quality food!!

TLG is run by 2 very experienced chefs.....Chef Aidy and Chef Ray....both of them learnt to become chef the hard way. Chef Aidy started the whole thing about a year ago after coming back from the US (he was there for 20 over years...surviving the New York city by being a chef and have served challenging & demanding customers).

The Chef had applied his trade in Malaysian context and was well accepted, evident by his involvement as chef at Starhill and even serving western dinner for the PM and the King!!! But he got fed up working with people and decided to open up his own brand and style of good western food for local Malaysians. Chef Aidy firts started as One Step KL in Setapak but it did not do well due to management issues and poor location...but the whole picture changed when he moved to Tmn and response from the local Malaysian were simply amazing....local Malaysians love good western food....and they seem to have found it here at TLG. Similar story on Chef Ray, he had experienced being chef in many parts of Asia and Europe serving demanding customers in hotels and cruise ships, and he is also good with local food. He crossed path with Chef Aidy sometime ago and they decided to team up and slog it out...they seem to have evolved into a very formidable team.

TLG now has many new and repeat customers and we ourselves normally have dinner once a week at TLG....and we know of a few people who makes TLG as their second kitchen!! Many new customers got to know of the place through the internet...many people have come here and wrote their comments and views about the food and the gerai...most of them were very good comments and that inspired the chefs to do better...of the course the 80:20 rule always applies.

Click on TLG's reviews by their customers @ bloggers:-;;;;;;

So, if you're nearby Tmn Permata or if you're dying for good western food, That Little Gerai (TLG) is the place to be...good food guaranteed, insyaAllah. Like TLG on facebook @ That Little Gerai in AU5 and Twitter @ThatLittleGerai. Chef Aidy can be contacted at 012-3320416.

Chef Ray in action!

TLG on full house!!!

Laila, the Sous Chef :-)

TLG @ Jalan Au5D

Chef Aidy @ his open kitchen

The charbroiling beef patty

Seafood Aglio Olio

Special Salmon Olio

The famous Chix Chop


Superwomanwannabe said...

ni yang nak pergi ni dada! sebelah rumah I je nih!!

DadaIQ said...

Come overlah Shila....anytime except monday.

Uncle said...

Dada, is it still operating? Tried to contact aidy and iq but couldn't get through!

DadaIQ said...

Salam Uncle,
TLG is no longer operating for the time being. They have been "chased" out by the owner and was given 2 days notice. They are now looking for a new spot around Melawati and Ulu Klang. If you know any place, do let us know. More updates on their status in the Facebook Page @ That Little Gerai in AU5D. We are sad with the turn of event but please continue supporting TLG. They will be back soon, insyaAllah.

Like TLG facebook @That Little Gerai in AU5