Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tok Gombak 90th Birthday @ Istana Bambu

Last Friday, 24 December 2010 we celebrated Mak/Tok/Nyang's 90th birthday at Istana Bambu Restaurant @ It was a last minute affair organised by Tok Mamie. Everyone including Noni's family were there except for Chop's family, Uncle Lan's family, Yana and Tasha.

We came a bit late that night around 9.00 pm and the place was already full. The Gombakclanners have started eating and enjoying the food when we arrived. The food must be really good we thought, otherwise the place would not be so packed! It was our first visit and we really look forward to dine in a natural environment of padi field surrounding us. All the furniture and fixtures are made of bamboo. Cool stuff!!!

As we were about to start eating, the lights went off!!! The whole place was dark and people started rambling. We thought it was a TNB problem when we suddenly realised that the neighbourhood was fully lighted except for our place. We continued eating with the lights from handphones and Tok Nana's Ipad. After about 15 minutes, the waiter brought some candles to our tables and we were told that they couldn't prepare the food we ordered. Apparently, the problem couldn't be fixed immediately and they did not have any back up generators. OMG!!!

All of us were disappointed. The cake remained uncut, birthday presents have yet to be given away to the birthday granny we decided to carry on with the celebration at TLG (That Little Gerai). We managed to take a group photo in front of the restaurant before we leave. For us, we did not go there immediately but went to Stadium Bukit Jalil instead to look for Malaysia jersey for Adik. As usual, if he wants something, he just doesn't have the patient to wait. By the time we reached TLG, the cake has been cut and everyone was chit chatting and at about 12 midnite, we bid farewell.

To our dearest Mak/Tok/Nyang....Happy 90th Birthday to you and may you live to celebrate your 100th birthday. Our prayers are always with you and may you be blessed with taqwa, iman, happiness and good health.

Makan2 @ Istana Bambu

Sambung makan @ TLG

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