Friday, August 6, 2010

OneStepKL ~ New Location!

Thaqif and the Menu Board

The cooking station & VIP table

I wrote sometime back about One Step Western offering western dishes at Pak Ngah Corner at Setapak. The business over there did not do so well that my brother decided to change its location to an area more familiar to us. He finally found a place at Lembah Keramat/Taman Pertama just beside Syed Bistro Restaurant and is now known as OneStepKL.

It’s one of the many places that serve tomyam food and the owner would like to distinguish the place from other normal tomyam stalls by adding western food on the menu. So, he was given a corner to operate, like a burger stall. If it rains, there goes his business for that night, pity him!The owner plans to put a permanent roof so he could still accept orders and do business when it rains. So far business is progressing well although with limited marketing effort. Started with just a few items on the board like the grilled chicken, chicken chop (his signature dish!) and lamb chop, he has now introduced steaks, ribeye and sirloin and just a few days back added baked dory fish onto the list. For sides, you may want to try his fries with gravy or cheesy wedges. Prices are reasonable and that’s for sure!

Operating as a one man show always comes with challenges especially when the orders come in at the same time. There were instances where a family of 15 came and ordered all western food from him. It was a real challenge for him to manage but thanked God, with his skill and experience in food handling, he managed to churn out all the 15 plates within reasonable time and by 9pm when we came there was practically nothing left. We ended up ordering Nasi Goreng Kampung with a bit of Lamb! Not a bad combination after all!!! That day was the first time he closed down his stall early with the highest sales recorded!

Orders for chicken and baked dory fish are slowly picking up that he now has to stock double than when he first started. He recently added another choice of sauce that is the mushroom sauce due to demands from kids that can’t take black pepper sauce for obvious reason. He now serves two different sauces to go with the dory fish i.e the home-made tartar sauce and salsa just to see which sauce is preferred by his customers.

He started to accumulate repeat customers from people around the neighbourhood. The feedbacks have been good thusfar. Hope he could maintain the quality of food he serves and expand his customers’ base through words of mouth. Other than us, his loyal customers that always occupy the VIP table (the table that is attached to his cooking station) are the aunties, uncles, cousins and friends. A big thank you for your support. Hope it will continue.

If you like to try his signature dishes, he is operating at Thira Seafood Tomyam which is located next to Syed Bistro along Jalan AU5D. The Tomyam stall is part of Dewan for Persatuan Kebajikan Melayu, Lembah Keramat and is facing the shophouses and not facing the main road. It is beside Nasi Lemak Lentok. If you wish to bring a group of people, please let him know in advance so he could prepare earlier and reduce the waiting time. He can also cook for you other than those in the menu provided you give him ample notice. For us, we just bring along fresh button mushroom and a baguette and ask him to make for us mushroom brushetta, of course only when he is less occupied with other customers’ orders. OneStepKL is on twitter if you wish to follow...Chef Aidy can be contacted at 012-3320416.

Baked Dory Fish with Tartar & Salsa

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

Lamb Chop with Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom Brushette..on special request!


the principal said...

kak dada,

will try one day, my MIL's hse dekat situ

DadaIQ said...

Do drop by when you are around the area ok. Ajaklah your MIL sekali :-). First week puasa dia tutup kedai, after that baru bukak dari lepas isya' sampai sahur, insyaAllah.

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