Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Little Musolla

It's been our intention when we built our home to have a prayer room and a mini library. However, due to space constraint and probably different priority at that time, we abandoned that intention. So, our room has been the place whenever we perform solat in congregation (jama'ah).

Now, we felt that the time is right for us to create a space in our home so we all could solat berjama'ah comfortably and have a dedicated area to recite Al Quran, zikir or perform solat sunat. Furthermore Faiz has been tasked occasionally to be the Imam for solat jama'ah at his school. The more reason for us to have a little musolla at home.

Somewhere in April 2010, we have decided to transform our TV room where we housed the computer and playstation into a surau. We removed the unwanted furnitures and place a bookshelf in the centre of the room. That night itself we went to Sumera carpet at Wangsawalk and got ourselves a nice 8x10 belgian carpet. The theme is green since the wall was already painted green.

We were quite satified with the new arrangement although Ibu was not so pleased about the carpet. After more than a week, she decided to change the carpet so that everyone can solat on it comfortably including her! We were fortunate that Sumera carpet agreed to allow us to change and even came to the house with bigger size carpets for us to select. We finally settle with the biggest size of 10x13. Recently, we titivated the place with some frames. The place is now ready not just for us but for all our guests. It was a good idea after all and we hope that our effort to have this little musolla at home will help us get closer to Allah swt and strengthen our iman and taqwa towards HIM, insyaAllah.


Uncle said...

Wow...great! semoga berjaya dunia dan akhirat!

DadaIQ said...

InsyaAllah Uncle. Just a little adjustment at home can make a lot of different to one's life.

MrsNordin said...


DadaIQ said...

Thanks BJ :-)

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