Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lahirnya Seorang Huffaz

We have not been writing for a while, been travelling quite extensively the past few weeks. After we returned from Kelantan, Ibu went to Johor Bahru for her off-site board meeting, then we went back to Kelantan again on 11 April and 12 April 2010. Here's the story...

Dini called us on Saturday, 10 April 2010 to inform us that she planned to complete ("khatam") her hafazan Al-Quran on Sunday, 11 April 2010. Of course we were delighted to hear the news. It's the moment we all have been waiting for. After struggling for 4 years, 4 months and 11 days, Dini finally completed her hafazan at MTS, alhamdulillah. So, we decided that we should be there to be with her and share her moment.

We contacted Tok Mama in Kuala Krai to break the news and to ask her to order pulut kuning and rendang daging for the occasion. Before we leave, we bought some gifts and bunga telor for her ustaz/ustazah, her classmates and "makcik kantin". These people played a significant role during her stay there, especially her makcik2 kantin. These bunch of ladies already know Dini's favourite food and what she likes to eat! Not forgetting the ustaz and ustazah who have been with her throughout her ordeal!

We finally left home on Sunday, 11 April 2010 and this time Tok Wan and Tok joined us. They have promised Dini to visit her at her school and after 4 years they finally did! As we were about to reach Kuala Krai, Dini called and asked us to take her out for dinner. She can sometimes be too demanding. But what can we say, have to oblige to her request although we were already so exhausted from the 6 hours travelling. We dropped by at Tok Abah's house for a while and later proceed with our journey to Tanah Merah to fetch Dini. She already waited for us at the hall anxiously.

We had dinner at her favourite tomyam restaurant, Selesa located on the way from Tanah Merah to Pasir Mas. As usual, we had the same menu whenever we eat there - tomyam campur, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar, siakap steam and daging merah. We reached Kuala Krai about 11pm and by then, we were already so tired from the whole journey which is more than 500km!. Nevertheless, Tok Mama, Tok and I continued with the preparation for tomorrow. We have to tie the egg onto the bunga telor and slot the goodies in the bags, altogether 150 of them. We finally went to bed at 2am!!!

The next morning, Tok Mama went to collect pulut kuning and rendang daging and we started packing them into the plastic containers with the help of Tok Su. Everything was ready around 10 am and we went in two separate cars. One car is just not enough to bring all the goodie bags. We reached MTS when the students were having their break time. Dini was happy to see us again and by the time we saw her, she already completed her hafazan. With the help of her friends, she distributed the goodies to all her teachers and friends. There were no formal ceremony to mark the occasion, it was just a simple ceremony where she recited "Doa Khatam" with her ustazah in the classroom. Dini told us that some of her friends shed tears but she managed to control herself.

To everyone (especially to Tok Abah & Tok Mama, Tok Wan & Tok, Ustaz Basit, Ustaz Nuri, Ustaz Zamri, Ustaz Fazrin, Ustaz Fatihi, Mudir Tuan Hj Tarmizi, all teachers and ustaz/ustazah di Tadika Intan Hidayah, SKTS dan MTS) who have helped Dini in her journey to become Al-Hafizah, from the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU. Semoga Allah swt sahaja yang dapat membalasnya.

Special message to our dearest Dini,
Alhamdulillah, you have been granted by Allah swt with the special ability to memorise Al-Quran and has been chosen amongst the few to protect the words of Allah swt. This is only the beginning of your journey to instigate Islam as the true way of life not just to those closest to you but to everyone that comes along your way. You will be tested constantly for sure. So, let Al Quran and Al Sunnah be your sole guidance in life and always summon to Him with doa to help you remember Al Quran till the end of your life. There's still so much to learn about Al Quran, so don't stop learning and put them to practice as much as you can.

Dini, ingatlah bahawa Al-Quran akan memberi syafaat kepada mereka yang menghafaznya pada hari Qiamah, akan tetapi Al-Quran juga boleh menjadi hujjah ke atas mereka pada masa tersebut. Selalu lah istiqamah dan bersyukur dengan nikmat yang Allah swt berikan pada kita. Tiada lain yang lebih kami inginkan selain doa dari anak yang soleh. We love you so much, Kakak and thank you for giving us the best gift we ever received.


Uncle said...

Dear DadaIQ.

congratulations and I am happy for her!

DadaIQ said...

Salam Uncle,
Will convey that to her the next time she is back home.

From us Uncle, takziah. Semoga rohnya dirahmati Allah swt dan ditempatkan berserta mereka yang mukmin.

Eta My said...

Salam Dada..

I read with tears....alhamdulillah..she is so gifted and sweet...pray and doa , she'll bring benefit to many...u proud parents!!!!

DadaIQ said...

Salam Eta
We are lucky to have her. Syukur sangat dengan nikmat yang Allah swt bagi.

the principal said...

She's truly inspiring. When I read ur FB status, I posted "Inspiration" kat my blog...I dedicate to Dini

DadaIQ said...

Thanks Emy for the "recognition". I'm sure Dini appreciates that as much as we do.

Anonymous said...

finally did it! thanx a lot to abah & ibu for this special post n for all ur sacrifices helpin me went through out all the circumstances along my journey to be an ALHAFIZAH...hope u`ll be proud... luv u both!

DadaIQ said...

Dearest Dini
You are most welcomed. You know that we will do what it takes so you get the best of both worlds. We love you too, Kakak.

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