Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 50th Golden Anniversary ~ The Moment of Truth...

The moment of truth. They finally arrived after spending 15 minutes waiting in the car around Bangsar Shopping Complex. Abah told them that we would have our private family dinner in one of the restaurants there and he was looking for parking space. Good job Abah! We switched off the lights and hid behind the closed gate and when they arrived, the gate slowly opened by Uncle Rahman, the gatekeeper for the night and the lights were on. Everyone shouted “SURPRISE” and the confetti started to explode and falling nicely as they walk under the “golf arch”. It was just a splendid moments to see them having a shock of their lives to see so many of their friends and relatives. Some of them they have not met for many many years and I know a few of them have been with them even before they were married!

Still in shock, we ushered them into the hall and started the official ceremony. Shasha and Ira dressed in chunky gold and black outfits started the ceremony by telling everyone the story on how they first met. Thanks to the interview done by Shasha’s friend. We got all the facts accurate! Later, Abah was invited to recite doa prepared by Mak Ngah. It was such an emotional delivery that brought tears to my eyes. I know many felt the same way when I later looked at their expression in their photos captured by Nisam. It was drizzling outside the moment Abah recited “Bismillah” and I was outside and I felt so blessed at that moment. I prayed that Allah would spare the night from heavy rain and strong wind since we held the function outside.

Next, Boy and Ap delivered their speech. That was the first time I seen my brother making speech in public. Great stuff after all the hard work and practice. I was then accompanied them to receive a little gift from us, a frame of their old photos that we made in color. Just beautiful and thanks to Aunty Mie for getting this done.

The next was the moment that I have been waiting for, the presentation of the slideshow. There was a moment of silence, everyone’s attention was at the small screen. I saw teary eyes when the lights were on. Reminiscing their journey of lives together for the last 50 years with some touching moments can just make your heart moves. I particularly love the end bit where Adik acting like he shot MU and MU was on fire. Hope Tok Wan was not offended since he is MU biggest fan! That was the end of the official ceremony. Alhamdulillah, everything went on so smoothly as planned.

Time for dinner and I know everyone already feeling hungry. The lamb roast and char kuey teow were everyone’s favourite that night. But nasi ayam, laksa penang, roti jala with kuah durian, cheese macaroni and lasagna were also among the hot items and ran out very fast that I did not have the chance to try. I was worried that we did not cater enough. I know Pak Ngah always prepare more than what I have ordered. He knows that if we say 50 pax, it just simply mean 100….alhamdulillah, the food was adequate and there were not much leftovers. Pak Ngah even questioned me if I miscalculated my invitees. According to him, there were more than 200 guests presences.

Entertainment continued with Rini, Abah and Uncle Kamal showing off their talent. Then, when everyone has settled down, time for a sketch performance by four of my cousins. They only practiced it earlier the day and it was about Daddy’s life in the army spending time with his friends in the mess. Those days are over now and they now spend more time in the mosques. The sketch was so entertaining and everyone laughed their hearts out watching them act. Thanks Ira, Shasha, Yana and Rini for such entertaining performance.

Then it was time for the pulut kuning cutting ceremony. We then requested the golden couple to say a few words and daddy did his bit well….just few words thanking all the guests for their presence. But when it came to Mummy, the words were no longer few. Being a teacher I guess and a lady, she expressed her emotions. She told us that she sensed we were planning for something but did not expect it to be so grand. Even their maid concealed it nicely from them.

I asked the maid to pack their clothes since we were going to stay overnight at JDR and they did not realize something were missing from their wardrobes. Za even reminded me to get a new toothbrush for them she since dare not take the one that they were using. Thanks Za for doing such a good job.

They later presented gifts to their special guests. Uncle Roseley and Aunty Dayang who came all the way from Sibu had their wedding at our home in Kuching. Aunty Dayang is a daughter of YDP Negeri Sarawak then way back in 1978 and I was one of their flower girls at the reception in Istana. When I called to invite him, he was very excited and changed his flight to KL from the 10th to 7th so he could attend the ceremony. He later e-mailed some old photos of me during his wedding. Thanks so much Uncle. Tok Uncle also did not miss the opportunity to tell us his side of the story when he went with my grandma to “Merisik”. I will share you the story of how they met in my next posting. Daddy later surprised Mummy with a little gift. He asked me to buy Mummy a present and leave it to me to decide. So, I went with Aunty Mie to Festival City Mall and get him a gold bracelet. Another surprise for her….she was happy to receive the gift.

The night slowly came to the end and the guests started to say goodbye. While the entertainment continued with La Rumba, the golden couple took photos with their guests and the Gombakclanners enjoyed themselves with pocho-pocho dance. I later told them they would be spending the night at JDR and they looked confuse because they did not bring any extra clothes to change. I told them that Za has taken care of that and ushered them to their honeymoon suite. Wow, another surprise. The room was so beautifully decorated with rose petals and a nice smell from the candles and lily. Thanks to Uncle, Bj and Liz for helping me making the room so nicely done.

Around eleven, everyone left except for the Gombakclanners and the TLG crews. The night has yet to end for us. Lin prepared a slideshow of my grandmother who passed away in September 2012. That was another heart wrenching session, we all miss our dearest Mak/Tok/Nyang terribly. We would have celebrated her 90th birthday tonight since we never missed celebrating her birthday every year. The slideshow was a tribute, specially dedicate to her. Thanks Lin for a job well down and Al-Fatihah to Tok.

I started to feel hungry and exhausted. Abah has to sent Pak Su back to Pak Lang’s house and on his way back to JDR, he bought us Nasi Goreng Kampung and Teh O Ais. That was heaven. I hardly had a properly meal for the last two days. The TLG crews went for a deep at the swimming pool at around 1.00 am in the morning and later went for a round of nasi lemak. Those who were still around helped Uncle and Robae to clear the place. While we were busy cleaning, the golden couple opened their gifts. Well, I did not expect that they would get so many gifts and angpow. It looks like they had their wedding for the second time that night. We talked and talked until around 4am and both Aunty Mie and I ended up sleeping at the hall itself and covered ourselves with the cloth that we use to cover our dessert table…Abah decided to sleep at home and the honeymoon suite was occupied by Abang. He enjoyed sleeping on the bed full of rose petals. I guess we both we too tired to enjoy the honeymoon suite after the hectic day.

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