Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 50th Golden Anniversary ~ The End & Thank You Note

The next morning, Nenek and Za prepared nasi lemak for breakfast. JDR has all the facilities for you to cook there. We brought all the ingredients from home and used their utensils. After we had our breakfast together, Kakak, Icha and Za enjoyed themselves in the swimming pool and we continued talking about last night. There just so much to talk about. They kept telling us about how their friends and neighbours reacted as if they were not aware of the occasion. One of their friends was worried when Daddy was in the car with him because the invitation card was inside the car. Kak Nor, their next door neighbour suddenly offered Mummy to use her most glamorous tudung for her to wear for the occasion and many other instances.

We finally said goodbye to Uncle and Robae and checked out around 11am. Well, we couldn’t stay long since we have to send Dini back to the camp and Faiz back to IQKL. While Abah took the kids and Nenek back home, I drove the golden couple back to their house in Bukit Indah. The car was packed with their gifts, flowers and balloons. Before I left Bukit Indah, they both hugged me and thanked me for celebrating their golden anniversary. It should be me thanking them for all the things that they have done for us and that one night of celebration is nothing compared with what they have given us and the sacrifices they have made for us all these years. Daddy handed to me a handful of RM50 notes and told me to accept since he knew that we must have spent a fortune organizing such event. I was touched but I just couldn’t accept it. We hugged and cried. I guess it was tears of happiness, tears of loving and being loved.

I drove away still with tears in my eyes. I was just so satisfied that everything went so well just as planned. I know they truly enjoyed every single moment that night. They deserved it for holding on through the 50 years of being together. The patience of overcoming all the tests, the challenges in raising their kids and keeping us all together until now is something I always admire. There were ups and downs in their marriage no doubt but they managed to get through it with hurt and pain. It was just amazing when I start to ponder about our life since I was born as much as I could recall. We are not the most perfect family and we don’t claim to be one but we remain together and share our happiness whenever we can. I pray that their lives will continue to be blessed by the Almighty and remain together until they die. Love you both so much and after living for almost 44 years now, I still don’t know how I will survive without them. I am so blessed to still have parents that I can always turn to and rely on.

Thanks to everyone who have helped and supported me right for the planning stage until the end. I know it was a success by the compliments and feedbacks we have received that night. I know I could not have done it alone, everybody played their roles to ensure it was a night to remember and forever cherish not by the golden couples but by everyone that was presence. My family – Abah, Kakak, Abang and Adik – you all are my pillars of strength. Thanks for being very patient and supportive throughout. My brothers, Boy and Ap - although they were occupied with their PDR and TLG businesses, they are my backbones. I wouldn’t have done it without them. My relatives – Aunty Mie, Uncle Isa, Uncle Mie, Shasha, Ira, Yana, Lin, Nisam, Ida, Angah, Mili, Chop, Haz, Eezan, Rini, Mak Ngah for all their help and assistance. I know I can always rely on them, anytime when I am happy or when I am down. My friends – Fazu, Bj, Is, Intan, Liz, I know I can always count on them. Don’t know what I do without them. There are my friends forever! The TLG crew – Ray, Apex, Nor, Yul, Za, Nenek, Kay, Sha, you guys are always there for me. The JDR team, Uncle and Robae, you both have been great, ever ready to offer your services anytime, rain or shine. Of course to all parties that contributed to the wonderful night we had – Pesona Rasa Catering, That Little Gerai, La Rumba, Noni and Bet. Thanks so much. Lastly, to all our wonderful guests who have taken the time to be there to share the joyous celebration with them, thank you for your presence, your kind wishes and gifts. We truly appreciate, from the bottom of our hearts.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dada.

It was indeed a memorable event. Kami di JDR sangat berbangga to have this event at our place! Thanks again!

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