Friday, June 24, 2011

Our CSR with Sime Darby Rhizo Project

Recently we join the Sime Darby Rhizo Project at PDP on Sunday, 12 June 2011 at Pantai Cahaya Negeri, Port Dickson. We love to do this kind of activities and we must support these noble initiatives for the sake of our environment.

This is a mangrove replanting project at Pulau Burung organized by the Energy & Utilities Division in conjunction with World Environment Day 2011 (on 5th June every year) together with MPPD and Jabatan Hutan Negeri Sembilan. This is also a part of Sime Darby Employee Volunteerism Program (EVP). The purpose and benefits of replanting the mangrove include erosion control, habitat for fish breeding and nurturing, off-setting carbon emissions as well as shelter and stopover for local and migrating birds.

John and Shu were the key organizers for Sime Darby and they had done a wonderful and excellent job. The discussion and planning only started when we attended the Sg Tua Waterfall clean-up project in Hulu Yam in April 2011 (during World Earth Day – 22nd April every year).

Sime Darby chose PD because it has an operation i.e PD Power (a 440 MW peaking plant) at Tanjung Gemok, just north of PD town. We were supposed to pick up the umrah group on Sunday at 11am but we couldn’t miss this program either. So we decided to do both and we put up a night at Glory Beach Resort on Saturday, 11 June.

Before we went to PD, we had to send Pak Su, Adik, Naif, Atif & Pak Lang to Bukit Jalil stadium at 3pm for the FA Cup final between Kelantan & Terengganu (although the game only starts at 8:30pm). So only me, Ibu and kakak went to PD. Instead of following the normal highway route, we took a detour towards Sepang and Sungai Pelek since Ibu wanted to see the Golden Palm Resort. So we did go round the Bagan lalang beach and visited the resort (look and see only). We reached PD around Maghrib and had an excellent dinner at the newly opened MPPD Medan Ikan Bakar…should try them especially stall no.2. That night we watched the FA Cup Final live telecast on TV and of course we were very disappointed with the results, and it was worse for the diehard fans who flooded the national stadium….that is football, there is always a winner and a loser…this time Red Warriors was on the wrong end!

Early the next morning (12 June 2011), we had early breakfast and then we proceeded to PDP for a gathering and another round of breakfast. Ibu and kakak were introduced to the function and operation of a gas fired power plant. Nasrul also brought along his wife and sons. It was a nice set up of tents by the lakes within the power plant site and we could enjoy the sight of the birds feeling safe within their natural environment. PDP maintains a lake which protects the biodiversity of the birds and the fishes. While we had breakfast, Dato’ Bakke Salleh, SD Group CEO, arrived in his chauffer driven BMW…a simple man who doesn’t really like VIP treatment, he prefers to be with the people…something that I really admire.

We were expecting to have around 300 people attending this program with their families from USJ office, GHQ and SDE Pasir Gudang, a total of 7 buses….not a bad number of participation from the employees, well done! It was already 9:30am and we had to make a move if we wanted to be on time at the KLIA. So, although the Group has not made the move (since the buses haven’t arrived), we decided to proceed to Pantai Cahaya Negeri for the mangrove replanting.

We met John and Shu at the beach waiting for the entourage to arrive and we told them that we had to plant first as we had to go to KLIA. While we were walking across the bridge to Pulau Burung, we saw Dato’ Bakke has also arrived and was walking towards us….. but John came to stop him, as he needed to address the Group first…probably he saw us walking and he wanted to be early too.

So we planted 10 rhizophora mucronata saplings on Pulau Burung, earlier than the Group and we had to do it at covered areas so that people don’t really see us…..otherwise spoilt the function la ! It was a beautiful sunny and hot day and once we were done with the planting of 12 trees, we walked back to our car and drove off to KLIA, after a short stop for teh O ais. We arrived KLIA at about 11.30am, right on time as the flight touched down at 10:55am and the Group only came out from the arrival hall at 12 noon.

We were happy to have participated and have done our part and I hope Sime Darby will do more of this kind of activities shared and empowered by the employees and their families.

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