Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lotus Desaru, The Resort for All Reason - Part 5

Saturday 4th June was another beautiful day in Desaru. As usual, we woke up early for solat and then for breakfast at Teratai Coffee house….the food was quite good, so much better than Bukit Gambang Resort City there were many people. They probably arrived for the weekend stay. By the way, Lotus Desaru does not serve beef or pork, they must have Indian food in their spread. After breakfast, we spent time walking by the beach, playing by the lawn and enjoying the sunrise while waiting for the water park to open at 9am. We were surprised to see so many people dressed in red and white and later found out that a political party was having its meeting at the club house and a few VIPs attended the function....it made the whole place even more crowded!!!

At 9am, everyone adjourned to the water park for fun time sliding and swimming. So we could see young and old people, father, mother, children…everyone enjoying themselves. Pak Su, Adik, Ibu and I joint in the fun. The water park is very safe for child and they have lifeguards stationed at many places…so safety wise, the risks of injuries or accident is relatively low.

After a while, I had enough of the water and decided to sit back and do some reading while again keeping an eye on Pak Su and Adik. From far, I could see that some people are scared of my DS brother and prefer to stay away but there are also very nice people who try to engage and help the DS guy… those gestures really touched my heart and made my eyes filled with tears. Furthermore these were honest gestures as they did not know that someone was watching. I pray that these kind hearted people will come across people who are kind to them too…every time and anywhere.

They both enjoyed the water park until it closed at 12 noon, and I was able to cover many pages of the book I was reading. On the way out, I did thank those who were nice to my DS brother…although initially they were confused, they knew what I meant when they saw him….they smiled and their faces glowed with unexpected joy. After freshening up, we then headed for lunch of local food….nasi with delicious ikan merah asam pedas at a food court near Bandar Penawar. The lunch was even better after you had a long day in the water…normally you go really - really hungry!!! We then headed back to hotel for to rest and solat.

Our day has not ended and our journey to explore this part of the world continues....

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