Thursday, September 10, 2009

MTS – Membina Generasi Al-Quran - Part 2

MTS is not like the government SBP, lavish with first class facilities. MTS is a state owned school which is ruled by the opposition. They don’t have enough funding to build their own mosque or buy their own buses. The state government couldn’t afford to spend more than what is necessary. The school with the help of parents has to work hard to raise fund and last year, the parents and the teachers managed to collect enough money to build a small mosque for the students. The PIBG is now trying real hard to raise fund to buy two buses for the students to use. They need at least two buses to transport the boys for their friday prayers every week and for other activities.
Madrasah MTS ~ almost completed

At the last PIBG meeting, the parents agreed to contribute RM1,000 each to buy the buses. You wouldn’t believe that they are currently using an old ambulance to transport the students from one place to another and it always break down! Pity the students…most of the time the teachers would use their own transportation to ferry the students. I know of people who pays for the school electricity bill every month of approximately RM7k, provide extra food at the dining hall and donated 30 computers. I’m sure there are many who have been donating to MTS. To them, hanya Allah swt yang dapat membalas kebaikan mereka.

Even though the kids are not as fortunate as many of their friends who study in the government schools, these kids are a bunch of determine, humble and self sustain students. They strive to be the best despite all the shortcomings. I guess, they have to learn the hard way in order to gain success. I am always amazed to see them in their school uniform. The boys or “Banin” wear white long jubah with white pants and white kopiah and the girls or “Banat” wear dark purple jubah and white “tudung bulat labuh”. It was an unusual sight to see the boys in their uniform in the science lab!
Hall and Dining Hall

School blocks

Girls' Hostel

Entrance to MTS

Many people thought that these kids are being pushed to hard. They have to learn an average of 20 subjects every year. At the same time, memorise at least 6 juzuk of Al-Quran. They sit for their major exams three consecutive years, PMR, SMA and SPM. It is a challenge but these children somehow can do it. They scored in all the exams and emerged the best school among YIK schools for PMR last year. I guess when one starts memorizing Al-Quran, things will get easier for them.

The subjects that they learn in 5 years:-
Al-Quran – Tasmi’, Murajaah, Takrir, Tajwid Ilmi and Tajwid Amali
Arab – Taabir/Insyak, Nahu & Soraf, Mutala’ah, Imla’ & Khat, Balaghah, Tarikh Adab & Nusus, Bahasa Arab (Komunikasi/Tinggi)
Agama – Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Tauhid, Tarikh islam, Akhlak, sains & Al-Quran, Pendidikan Agama Islam, Pendidikan Quran & Sunnah, Pendidikan Syariah & Islam
Akademik – BM, English, Mathematics, Add Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sejarah, Geography, Kemahiran Hidup, Computer

For more info, please visit their website at or if you like to contribute, please let us know. We welcome any form of contribution.
Dini's room ~ sharing with 6 others
Parting time is always tough!

Syahdunya nak berpisah dengan anak Abah...


Uncle said...

Dear all.
Dini will definitely make it....I can tell! Proud of her. Prouder for both of you!

DadaIQ said...

Thanks Uncle, we hope and pray that she will make it the next 2 years in MTS despite all odds. Hope too that she could lead the way for the younger generations, insyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dada.Sending our children to religious schools,more often than not we have to fork out fr our pocket to donate & help upgrade/built facilities. Alhamdulillah...Allah's many ways in creating us oppurtunities to increase our saham Akhirat. Also, sending our children to religious scs are not merely pushing them over the limit but rather giving them the privilege to explore the beauties about Islam & to add on parental Project Akhirat..anak soleh/solehah.
Our MB,YB Ir Mohd Nizar in one of his great many efforts in 'Membina Generasi Al-Quran'in Perak has copied & implemented YIK's educational ideas and voila now we also have Tahfiz Sains in all 3 Jab Agama Islam Prk/JAIP religious scs(Ta'ayah,Izzudin,Sarjana).
Gd luck in your effort to collect funds for MTS. Surely you'll succeed,insyaallah just as you brilliantly organised Srikandi 81-85 Reunion.May you always be in Allah's rahmat & guidance. Jazakallah...(Eina Ipoh Mali)

DadaIQ said...

Salam Eina
Thank you for your support to MTS. My hope is to see more of these schools in the country to meet the endless demand. Our experience when we first sent Dini for the entry exam in YIK Nilm Puri. The place was jammed with hundreds of cars mainly with registration numbers outside Kelantan. Parents are now keen to send their children to these type of school. We as parents will continue to assist as much as we could for the sake of our children, insyaAllah.

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