Monday, September 7, 2009

16 Ramadhan 1430H

It has been 16 days since we welcomed Ramadhan 1430H...things are getting more intense, ibadah wise and Raya preparation wise.

Monday is Nuzul Quran so its a 3 day holiday..last week it was already a 3 day holiday (can be nice if work is only a 4 day week). So what can we do to fill up our time???

We decided to drive to Kuantan and have our iftar over there!!! Sounds mad, doesnt't it?? But then it's not just a plain drive...the trip served a few objectives: 1)-Send goods (prunes) to Dada's brother in Kuantan, 2)-Visit brother's stall at the Kuantan Ramadhan bazaar, 3)-Test car's new suspension (very good), 4)-Get out of KL to recharge ourselves (haven't done that for sometime now), 5)-See how people in Kuantan celebrate iftar, 6)To have iftar 3 minutes early than KL!!! summary, it was worth the trip.

We hit the road at around 2:30 PM and drove straight to Kuantan via Karak highway and the East Coast Expressway and exited at Gambang. Along the way...only the driver did not sleep, the rest had wonderful dreams. Reached Kuantan around 5 pm and had our Asar prayer before visiting the bazaars.

Dada's brother sells pudings at the bazaar only during Ramadhan...lots of them and they are really yummy!!! The most famous is Puding Di Raja, Puding Merdeka, Puding Cocktail, Caramel, Puding Jagung and Puding Buih. Sounds interesting right? You can see these mounth watering puddings in his blog www. my They come all the way from Pekan and started selling around 4 pm and the stocks normally get depleted at around 6 pm...not bad demand!!

We bought nasi kerabu (excellent), nasi lemak, nasi ayam, ayam golek, ikan patin, masak tempoyak, tauhu sumbat, air kelapa, air tebu, cendol and a few other kueh-mueh for our iftar....and we managed to finish all that we bought, wastage.

The bazaars were really buzzing after 6 pm...pack and hot and humid, and as Maghrib approaches, people gather on the field...families and friends gather under the open sky waiting for the sun to set and Maghrib to arrive. Hundreds of people...Malay, Chinese, Indians etc...all taking advantage of the unique event, just like a large picnic in town and you don't see this in KL!

Once the bilal sounds the azan, the noise suddenly died down...quiet and peaceful. People started enjoying the food under the shower of spot lights. 10 minutes later the bilal would qamat, signalling prayer will we rushed to the mosque to perform Maghrib prayers...and many people did the same, male and female.

It was an eye opener for me and it was a very interesting experience indeed. Kuantan's Ramadhan bazaar is really unique...the stalls are well organized, foods are good and in many varities, and located adjacent to a large field and the state mosque. The location is just superb...but my only wish is to see more people would rush to the mosque for the prayer than just continue to sit down under the sky.

We left Kuantan at 8:30 PM and reached KL at 10:30 PM. On the way, wifey made a pit stop to get her rations of ikan bilis and ikan kering. As usual, only the driver did not sleep...the rest again continued their wonderful dreams, the boys even took off their shirts while sleeping in the enjoy the cool air (metabolism taking place)...then we had our shower, Isya' and good night.

So, go visit Kuantan Ramadhan'll enjoy it and don't forget to visit the only stall that offers Puding Pekan.

To Abang and Ani, that day, 6 September 2009 was their 18th wedding anniversary. Selamat Meraikan Ulang Tahun Perkahwinan yang ke-18. Semoga bahagia dan berkekalan ke akhir hayat.

Gerai 187, specialises in puddings

Thaqif busy helping Mak Long

People busy looking for spots

Getting ready

Waiting for iftar

Berbuka sambil

A new experience


Uncle said...

Dear all.
Interesting. Will definitely visit. Woi tu makan ka apa? Can I reccommend to put on my buffet too? Btw, Nyem dah sampai, lepak kat katey hang sebelah ni dia kat Haram solat subuh...aku dah nak tumbang nih!

MrsNordin said...

Totally cool! It must be nice to have a picnic for Iftar. With ikan patin masak tempoyak, I think I won't be able to stand up after that! Hee.. hee..

DadaIQ said...

Uncle and BJ
Truly exciting...I think it's the only place in the country that you could find orang berbuka atas padang! simply because padang tu is strategically located next to the biggest pasar ramadhan in Kuantan (200 gerai!) and next to Masjid Besar. Go and experience it next ramadhan.

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