Friday, July 13, 2012

Medicmesir...and the journey began

It is Kakak's childhood ambition to be a doctor and she has never changed her mind since. Although we wanted her to consider other options, she would find a way to stick to her dream. With her results, it would be a real challenge to find a place at the local public universities. She applied to do medicine in IIUM via the UPU but was rejected. Her application to do medicine in Egypt with MARA loan was also rejected and both rejections were known to her when we were in Korea in May 2012. Kakak was so disappointed and devastated but she accepted it. It might be blessings in disguised. Only Allah swt knows what's in store for her.

So, we were left with no choice but to consider other option and the best option available is to further her studies in Egypt. We did consider other countries like India, Indonesia, Russia and even twinning programme; with Ireland and Australia. However, the best is still Egypt since the cost is reasonable, there are thousands of Malaysian studying there and most importantly, Egypt being a muslim country. What more with the newly elected President, Dr Muhammed Morsi from Muslim Brotherhood. We are hoping that the significant changed in the Egypt Government would make Egypt a much better country for Kakak and other Malaysian students to further their study and make Egypt their second home. We are glad that Kakak will witness the transformation of Egypt from a military to islamic based administration and be part of Egyptian history.

Back to Medicmesir. We first went to their briefing held in the Medical Faculty in UPM right after the SPM results were announced. We were surprised to see the whole lecture hall that could 500 people full and overflowed with parents and children having similar intention as us. These are the people that would be sending their kids without any support from MARA/JPA. We were impressed to hear Ummi, the founder of Medicmesir spoke about her journey which started five years ago and until now has successfully sent about 2,500 students to Egypt to fulfill their dreams of becoming muslim doctors. Well, what she has done is truly remarkable and we salute her for her commitment and dedication to ensure the well being of each of her student. The services provided to us from attending the talk, submitting the application right up to getting the offer from Alexandria University were excellent. We are happy and satisfied with the services rendered and the fees that was charged was worthwhile. Thank you Ummi and the Medicmesir team for making our lives easier. We hope that Kakak's journey to become a muslim doctor will be smooth sailing.

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