Friday, January 27, 2012

The 50th Golden Anniversary ~ The Preparation...

Since it would be a golden anniversary, everything has to be in gold and we decided on a gold and black theme for the occasion. We were lucky since Christmas was approaching and we got all the Christmas decorations from Petaling Street. I wanted to have a nice guest book table for their guest to jot down their wishes for them to keep as remembrance. With all the golden decors, I asked my brother in Pekan to help me get some branches where I could hang the decors and some of their old photos. I search for a nice guest book in Pavillion and look for any gold decorations at home that I could use to decorate the table. I even asked Aunty Mie to help me sew a gold with black spot table cloth. All set for the Guest Book table and this is the final outcome, just as I imagined it would turn out to be.

I also wanted to make a nice dessert table with all the mouth watering desserts. Thank God for the borderless world. I ended up admiring the dessert tables that I goggled in the internet. They are just gorgeous. We don’t normally take much interest in decorating dessert tables unlike the western. They even offer services for preparing dessert tables for parties and weddings. I started listing down all the desserts and candies that would go on the table all have to fit the gold and black theme. I made food labels for all the desserts and for the food served on the buffet tables. Although it sounds easy but it takes a long time especially when you are doing it all by yourself. I know for sure that Puding Di Raja will be on top of the list plus the macaroon, apam polkodot, cheese tart, almond chocolate and the highlight of it all is the chocolate fountain dip. I even search for candy jars, food tiers and trays that I would use for the table. As for the main dish, I left that to Pak Ngah from Pesona Rasa and the Chefs from TLG to handle. They are the expert and I trust that they would deliver.Well, too bad the dessert table was not captured in full...

Other decors include banner and bunting which I have asked the girl at a printing shop in Cosway to help design for me. She has been doing all the stuff for TLG. Aunty Mie helped me search for a nice doorgift. At first I wanted to give mugs to the guests but when Aunty Mie found a nice plate at Giacomo with design similar to the Old Country Rose of Royal Albert (it's Mummy's favourite dinner set!)at a very reasonable price, I straight away changed my mind and settle for the plate.I asked Himawari, a souvenir shop in Cosway to come up with a nice art work with their picture on and the design turned out well. In fact the printing cost three times more than the cost of the plate. Then, I went to the place where I normally ordered TLG T-shirts for its crew and asked them if they could help me get a bag to put the doorgift. I was lucky that they have the black woven bag on offer and would do the printing as well for RM3. Well, who would have thought that I get all these done in Cosway.

Later when I met Fazu, a close friend of mine who is the expert in event management to seek her advise on what else that need to be done, she suggested to have specially designed place mat like in Pizza Hut and KFC as decor. I thought that was a great idea, something different and unique for the table setting. As for the centre piece, I bought a shallow bowl which cost me RM5 and a candle stand from the RM2 shop and would think of a way to decorate it on the day itself. Aunty Mie and Is helped me during weekends to prepare for the decors and the doorgifts. Thanks so much for helping me out.

Just a month before the big day, I gathered my cousins, Ira, Shasha, Yana and Lin and together with Aunty Mie, we planned the programme for the night. Who would be fetching them from home, how to surprise them, who would be the MCs, photographer, video man, speeches and doas and not forgetting some entertainment. The highlights for the night were the slideshow, pulut kuning cutting, sharing moments and some tokens for the special guests. One of their friends came all the way from Sibu and one of the couple celebrated their 48th anniversary on the same day. Not forgetting Tok Uncle, being the eldest of all and is still around to tell us how it all started. I thought their presence should be acknowledged.

The preparation did not stop here. Two weeks before the ceremony, I started ordering the desserts from Pistachio Bakery and Pulut Kuning and Red Velvet Cup Cakes from Noni, my junior in STF. Then I saw facebook photos of my junior in school celebrating her in laws golden anniversary and the hall was decorated with helium balloons. The giant golden 50 balloon really caught my attention that I immediately went to the Ballonbuzz in Pavillion to search for it. To my disappointment, the 50 jumbo balloon was out of stock. I did not give up and went to Balloonbuzz in WangsaWalk and they were very helpful. They even went to JDR and gave their proposal on the decor. Of course it’s nice but that surely come with a price. Nothing is cheap these days and I was worried that I burst the budget. Alhamdulillah, some of Daddy’s friends called me up to ease some of my commitments. I truly appreciate their kindness although what is more important for me is their presence that night.

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