Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun at Bukit Gambang Resort City - Part 2

The next day, early in the morning, we had simple breakfast at the hotel`s coffee house.The breakfast spread was limited and because of mass production, the food was not that great. We have no choice but to fill up the empty stomach. As planned, we wanted to bring Pak Su and Adik to Bukit Gambang Water Park. Out of the blue, Pak Long (Ibu`s eldest brother) called and said that he might join us since he has to deliver Puding di Raja to his customers in Kuantan. The cashless water park starts operating at 10am daily. So, while waiting for Pak Long to arrive, we (me and my brother) decided to have a quick deep at the hotel`s swimming pool. At about 10am, Pak Long arrived with his family and we drove instead of taking the tramp to the water park which is located just a stone`s throw away from our hotel.

Bukit Gambang Water Park offers a non-stop fun and excitement to everyone, both the kids as well as adults. Every adult ride in the park comes with its own kid-sized replica. So, not only can children enjoy getting wet in the rides even adults would be tempted to get themselves wet like the kids and wish they were young again! Other attractions such as the Children Fantasy Island (“Penguin Island”), Special Kidz Zone, the Adventure Typhoon River as well as a 1 kilometre long man-made sandy beach offers a never-ending fun to its visitors. The park is opened from 11am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and 10am during public and school holidays and closed on Tuesday except during public and school holidays. The rates for the adults are RM21.90 and kids below twelve are RM14.90 with kids below 90cm in height can go in FOC.

Abah rented few tubes and a cabana for everybody. Since it is a cashless park, you have to pay up front for the stuff and food you want to rent or purchase inside the park. They recommend either you purchase RM50 or RM100 and later top up as and when you like when you are inside the park. If you don't utilise all the money, you can always refund when you exit the park. We rented the cabana for RM50 for the day and four tubes and all these stuff rented comes with deposit!!!

Among the attractions are the Coco Beach, Penguin Island and Tree Top Hill Slides. Obviously, the Coco Beach and Penguin Island are situated just around the cabana but for the Tree Top Hill Slides, we had to walk almost few metres away inside to enjoy it. For the first few minutes, my two cousins and I were quite disappointed to see slides only for the kids and none for adults like us. Luckily, we found similar slides for the grown ups like us which were located in a different area! I did not want to join them at first but I was tempted to see people having fun with all the rides. Luckily, my chicken pox has subsided otherwise I would have to stay at the cabana with Ibu looking after our stuff!!!

One of the attractions includes the Wave Pool, the biggest in the country right in the middle of a jungle. It is just like a real beach, only better. The whole family can also enjoy the Penguin Island, a mini theme park and Aqua Play that is filled with water amusement that’s bound to excite the kids. The best would be the giant water tub fills up with water and dumps hundreds of litters of water on unsuspecting visitors below. The best way to recharge before heading back to the more adventurous rides is by grabbing a tube and let the slow flowing waters of the Glacier River take you on a relaxing ride that circles the entire park along The Journey of Ice. Pak Su was overjoyed as he rode on this ride almost four times. Amazing!

Save the best for last. That was what me and my cousins did. After playing with almost all the attractions, we made our way to Tree Top Hill Slides together with Pak Long and Mak Long. The rest came a bit later. To get on the ride was very tiring as we need to climb up the high tall stairs before going down the slides. The water park offers five types of slides like Canopy Slide, Crystal Slide, Galaxy Slide, 6 lane racer (longest in Malaysia) and also Family Raft Ride(also the longest in Malaysia). We were able to ride the slide almost five to seven times but excluded the 6 lane racer because it was almost the check out time.

Finally, when hunger started overwhelming us, we bought some pizzas and drinks before we went back to the hotel for check out. We were lucky to get late check out time at 2pm and later left Bukit Gambang Resort City with a heavy heart. If only we could stay on longer and enjoy the rides. Nevertheless, it was such a wonderful moment for me and my family members to get together and having fun. I would like to thank both Ibu and Abah for every single effort that they have put in to entertain their children (Thaqif and I) and also Pak Su during our holiday trip. We really appreciate those so much.

P/s : This post is written by the blogger`s daughter for the first time. Some informations are taken from Hope you guys enjoy!

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